Sunday, 19 January 2014

Could it be made into a ...

... shirt, a dress, maybe a skirt, or quite easily a pair of PJ's! 
If it is to be a shirt, would it become a tunic, more of a blouse, or have the trendy kaftan look happening ?!? 

Or it this was to be made into a dress, would it be an A-lined, vintage, maxi, baby-doll or a muumuu style ?!?

As for pants, the very 'in' harem style, or a more classic tailored look ?!? 

Or, dare I even suggest, the new-look onesies style for this fabric ?!?

So many choices, but at least I could rule out using this fabric for a summer bikini !?!

Why am I actually asking all these questions ??? 

Well, it appears that I have over 12 metres (around 40 feet) of this fabric living in my stash! And at 145cm (60 inches) wide, I could make make whatever my heart desires ...

I could even go into crazy-sewer-mode and whip up some matching family outfits with this amount of fabric ... 

And still have enough left over for new curtains or a doona cover! 

The possibilities are mind-blowing ...

But seriously, I think starting with Vogue 8876 will probably put a dent in this fabric ~ it chews up a good 2.6 metres of fabric ...

Has anyone else ever made up multiple garments from a favourite piece of fabric, or been in a 'one fabric, many looks' challenge?


  1. I often buy 10 meters of fabric if I really love it – just so I can have enough to make a "collection". A collection usually means a big jacket or short coat, pants, a pull over top (long or short-sleeved) and a skirt. That's for a start. It could also include a vest and/or an infinity scarf. A hat. A bag. A shawl. Or the whole piece could be used as muslin fabric...depending on what the fabric is. Having that much fabric makes me feel rich and makes me feel that I can experiment. I look forward to seeing your creations. Thank you.

  2. That's a LOT of fabric! It's cool and you have tons of options like you said!

    I had 5.5 yards of cotton shirting that I made pj pants for my dad, a shirt for me, and still have 1.5 yards left.

    Another time I bought a length of black ponte that became a sweatshirt for me, yoga pants for my daughter, a sweatshirt for a friend's daughter, leggings for her and have enough for a pencil skirt. But that was black fabric so... :)

    Can't wait to see what you make!

  3. Oh my that is a lot of fabric and I will be interested to see what you decide on. I often purchase 5 metres that will give me a dress, jacket, skirt and pants but so far all my large purchases have been plain fabrics, a lot easier for me to work with!

  4. oH how fun.. Plenty of fabric...So many choices.. I look forward to seeing what you will make.
    I do buy 6-7 yds of a fabric , I have 4 granddaughters, and I use to make them all dresses alike..[but they have about outgrown that.ha]
    Happy sewing.

  5. I like the sound of multiple garments from one fabric lol! I am working on a moo moo lol! & think there'll be plenty left over to make something else,lol! can't wait to see what you create with all that fabric

  6. Hahah go with the matching outfits!!

  7. I have never had a large amount like that! What fun to play with this pretty fabric. After the dress, I'd go for soft pants, plus a longish caftan (not worn all at once - ha ha)

  8. Wow, that is A LOT of could make dresses for all your gal pals and where them out to lunch.

  9. So much fabric! I think it will be lovely made up as the Marce Tilton dress.

  10. That is one happy fabric! And so much of it! I would make a dress, a caftan or a nice full length bathrobe/dressing gown (my favourite Burda 2653), and I don't know what else. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with all of it.

  11. The Marcy Tilton Dress is a great start. I've seen a number of them made up and they all look wonderful. Looking forward to your next choice with the fabric.

  12. ha ha what a great find in your stash - I think you should do the matching PJ's bet your sons would love them lol

  13. This post (and the responses) is very inspirational. Many years ago I bought 8 yards of 60" wide navy jersey. It was a good sale, but what was I thinking??? Now it' blue is versatile...figure out interchangeable outfits for spring. Thanks!

  14. One outfit and a quilt backing. More outfits and you'll regret it, methinks.

  15. You must have been thinking very grand plans at the time Judith :). I do like the dress you have chosen - can't seem to get this one on sale here.

  16. Great post! I used to buy extra fabric and make my girls 'matching' outfits when they were little.... then the youngest would get the oldest's hand-me-downs and those outfits are in photographs of all through their growing up years on one girl or the other! :) Now that I'm sewing for myself, I've accidentally purchased too much fabric for a garment and have made multiples from one piece of fabric. Recently, it was pants and it was interesting to see two different patterns of pants made from the same fabric. Look forward to seeing what (all!) you make! The dress will be pretty.