Monday, 9 January 2012

Something is following me...

One of the latest 'trends' is the high-low look with a shirt tail hemline. It is constructed with a longer length back and a shorten front and often has a asymmetrical hemline, sexy and elegant, to trail around after you.

In a dress style it does seem to (somewhat) work. But this is just a modern version of the classic 18th century  cutaway coat which started originally as a riding coat. It quickly became one of the most sophisticated items of clothing for men. Just think of Mr. Darcy and you will see what I mean...

 Well,   Butterick has tried to emulate this trend in a tunic...
Like a lot of other sewing/bloggers around I feel in love with the look of this one. It appears to have a modern twist to the top, a few creative plays with pleats and gives the look of a long, lean body (without the exercise).

My finished version...
...and the back...
My fabric has a self fringe woven into it, so I decided to make up the plain View A so that I didn't detract from the fabric...
Whilst I will be wearing this top a lot,  for a simple straight forward top it certainly needed tweaking.
The main let down on this pattern is the front facing. Butterick has it designed as two single layers of fabric with no interfacing. They recommend fabric such as chiffon, georgette, lightweight linen as being best to make this out of, but imagine trying to pop 5 buttonholes in thin chiffon??? No, I couldn't either. So instead, I used the main fabric on the outside of the placket (the one that actually covers the buttons) and used a doubled layer of matching cotton for the inner piece.
This then gave my buttonholes something solid to work into. Same as the buttons.
So following this colouring, I also used this fabric for the armhole facing...
 A very quick top to put together - 2 front pieces, 2 back pieces and the facings. Ideally this top is only suited to wear with pants, jeans or leggings - it just doesn't work with a skirt. Though, maybe a short tight skirt might work...
It is a very summery top, cool and modern. Just watch those facings and you will have a great trendy little top to wear for summer. Will definitely be trying another version, with pleats...

Here are the only other sewers who have tried this pattern...
1. Myra from Simple Inspirations
2. Ann
3. Diana from Sew Passionista
Wonder who else will pick this one up and give it a go...


  1. I like this very much. What a great top to wear over leggings. I'm not too keen on the look for dresses but love the asymmetrical hem on tunics.

  2. Love the top - the fabric is great - reminds me of the 70's. Fantastic for summer!

    Thanks for letting me know there was something wrong with my blog and you couldn't join. It seems to be fixed now - fingers crossed.

  3. Very cute and what a fascinating fabric!! I bought this pattern right away, but had missed all of those other versions. I really like how you used a contrast fabric for the buttons. And, I agree, this fabric didn't need the pleats.

    Really nice!

  4. Whoa, slow down girl! Are you sewing GADs? Garment a day! Once again a great sewing success, really nice fabric.

  5. I like this a lot, I've been eyeing this pattern too. Mullet skirts look great standing, but what about sitting? Swoosh to the side? Hug between your knees for impromptu napkin use?

  6. Thanks for the kind words on my blog sewingcafewithlynne. Looks like you keep yourself busy. Love the history lesson about the "new" hem style and your version is very nice.

  7. Lovely! I just adore that fabric you have chosen, the colours are simply dreamy...

  8. Wow, that is a knock out top! The fabric is perfect for the style. Thanks for the supportive comment on my recent blog post. Finally, what a gorgeous blog you have-it's so interesting.

  9. Love your beautiful top , the fabric is very pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. I love asymmetrical design!
    I'm looking forward to see your new projects! ^____^

    Thanks for your comment and support in my blog :) I am a new follower of yours now!

  11. Thank you for the lovely comment about my dresses. I did get a peek at Oh-so-Noosa, but that was all as it was shut each time I was in the area. When I peeked, it appeared to mostly have evening fabrics so I didn't go back. I think I have more dresses than occasions to wear them.

    I like your top. I'd noticed this fashion in skirts for the first time while on holidays. Lots of teenage girls were wearing them up and own Hasting St. I like the way this has been transferred to a top. The fabric you have used is really lovely. Looks like a summer winner.

  12. I've never tried a hem like this, but I really like it. The fabric you used is gorgeous. Such summery colors.

  13. Lovely top, your fabric is just lovely!

  14. I really don't care for mullet dresses, but I love the look in tops. and yours is lovely, great fabric.