Saturday, 17 September 2011

Vogue 7880

Ok, that time of the year to update the wardrobe in the skirt department. 'Down Under' we are coming out of our so-called Winter season and quickly heading into spring. Where does the year go??? So winter pants can be hung away, and the skirts can take over.

First new skirt of the season is Vogue 7880. An interesting design with a shaped overskirt.
My fabric choice is a very light, well draped 76% wool/21% nylon/ 3% pu blend. Now even the shop assistant was stumped at the 3%pu component of the fabric, but it is related to the stretch of the fabric. It has a very slight 'give' to it. The fabric is of Japanese origin, and of a very well produced standard. The colour is great with it not being a true dark grey, but light enough to wear the new Spring colours with. This shade of green suits it, as does the apricot colourings.
I am wondering after looking at these pictures if the skirt is a little 'high-waisted' or not. It felt perfect when wearing, but maybe it just needs a top worn out instead of tucked in. Will try that out when I next wear it.
Anyway, moving on....the back...
...and the back drape...
...and a close-up of the front...

All in all a most comfortable skirt for the mid Winter-to-Spring (early) transition time of year. Being the length that it is will make it unsuitable for most of Spring.
Next I am planning on making the same skirt (fingers crossed for this weekend) in a light weight pattern fabric ready for Spring-Summer wearing.

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