Sunday, 25 September 2011

Burda 7508

I had this linen fabric in my stash for a year or so now, with the original intention of making a dress. But instead, plans change, and I have whipped up two tops instead, which I need much more for work at the moment.

First use of the fabric went to...Burda 7508 View A

and here is my version of the top...

Ok, doesn't suit jeans, but my intention is to have it as a work top. And with this neckline I don't have to worry about a necklace as the feature is built in. Just have to add a few chunky bracelets and away I go!!!
The front button and neck details...

My full review can be seen at PatternReview. All in all this is a quick and easy top with a few interesting design features. It suits this soft linen and will certainly be worn this coming school term.

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  1. I really like the square neckline and the little teardrop/button detail. Very nice.