Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Best Patterns 2011 - Can you pick them???

PatternReview have just started their voting for Best Pattern of 2011. 
Pop over and check out what patterns came in the Top 20 for 2011. A couple of surprises, and not everyone is happy. 

Out of the 20 choices I have 4 - 
Number 3 - Vogue 2497 - have made this up twice and love it.
Number 4 - Simplicity 2443 - cut out and waiting it's turn in line!!!
Number 11 - Simplicity 2250 - hanging around waiting to be hemmed!!!
Number 20 - Collete Patterns 3 Sorbetto - sitting around with pins holding her together!!!

Have a read of the comments flowing in - not one positive comment among them. Many are electing to not vote due to the obvious absence of pants and jackets. There are 14 dresses and 6 tops, with a few variations amongst this lot. 

Was 2011 the year of the dresses and tops for you??? I did tend to make up quite a few dresses and tops this past year, but equally so skirts and jackets. And no pants!!! Am I fitting the PatternReview trend of the distinct lack of pants (trousers, britches, strides)...
How disappointing for PatternReview not to have the support of their friends. Feedback is one thing, but as Deepika (who is very bummed out by the feedback) points out these patterns are chosen based on the number of reviews members wrote in 2011.  

To try and appease everyone, Deepika has now added in 2 extra categories ...
Member's Favourite of the Big 4 and 
Member's Favourite of the Independent patterns
... so you can suggest your favourite pattern from one of the Big 4 companies as well as one from the many great Independent pattern companies. How is this for trying to pacify the masses???
So are you voting, or not? Happy with the selection, or disappointed? I am sure PatternReview will continue to have a great debate over the Year That Was...


  1. Thanks for alerting me to this, Doobie. :) You know, I have noticed a plethora, an engorgement, a flood, of dresses the last year or so. We are definitely in the era of the dress. At least for a certain demographic, particularly younger women, though I see all ages, sizes, and shapes making dresses.

    For me, it's tiresome, as I don't like dresses. :)

    So, yes, I agree with the comments left on the PR page. But they basically point out a deficiency in the selection criteria. I think they need to break it into categories and find the most popular patterns for each category.

    So I do agree with the comments and I won't be voting. I didn't vote last year because there were few patterns of interest to me. For me, the Best Of list is pretty useless.

    By the way, I really like your blog. :)

  2. I'm with shams...I don't know how long it would have taken me to notice the pattern selection, but I have picked up a few in the past because of this list.

    This year.....eh. I'm also a non-dress wearer, so that doesn't help. But the only 2 on the list I like I've already made (the Sorbetto & the Burda T) Nothing else to vote for from me.

    They do, however, have an option to put in any pattern you want; we'll see where that goes - I entered Style Arc Linda pants :)

  3. I voted to the lisette. Love the idea to buy a wardrobe ...

    Did u see you won my giveaway? I nee your details.

  4. Good thinking, JillyBe! The Linda pant should definitely be on that list!!!

  5. This is the first year that I have not made several of the patterns. The only one I made is the Burda turtleneck, which I did not like, and did not review. I agree with the PR comments - picking the patterns by number of reviews only is too narrow, it self selects for "easy" patterns, and not all the reviews of the patterns shown are positive.
    I love dresses, but did not make any that are on the list. I won't be voting because I only made up one of the patterns, IMO voting by other people's experience with a pattern is not very useful.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog- it led me to read yours. (I have some of the same Spotlight fabric as your daughter's dress - there must be some mutual stock!)

  6. I have been watching for this "best of 2011" on patternreview but somehow missed it. Where can I find it??? By the way, you have a great blog!