Saturday, 26 November 2011

Lazy Summer "Brunch" by the Pool!!!

Nothing suits the thoughts of summer in Brisbane better than a long, lazy brunch. Taking advantage of our brilliant weather and gorgeous summer mornings enjoying brunch outside. A meditative way to say "hello" to the day... 

So, naturally first thoughts are 'What to wear???' Since it is a time to relax, feelings tend to be towards a summer bathrobe. But what do you envisage when you hear the word 'bathrobe'? They do have a 'Granny' tendency behind them.

Boring!!! Not a great range of style options or colours. They are a little on the dated 'Grandma' side, or the 'don't look at me I'm married with kids' look. And we all try to avoid that rut in life. A little to 'housy' for my likings.

So, what is a sewer to do??? Quite naturally, make her own. Enter McCalls 5248 - an Easy Endless Options range of a robe and summer PJ's.

I fell in love with this summery fabric from Spotlight and could just picture starting my days off with it wrapped around me. It is cool, crisp cotton that is lightweight - ideal for summery (read hot and humid!!!) mornings.

As for the pattern itself, well it wasn't rocket science. Very straight forward and easy to whip up. Changes I made included adding an inner tie to keep the front under-lap in place (don't want to scare the early morning birds off with a stray flash of leg), and I did shorten it to just above knee height. Oh, and I didn't interface the collar sections. Won't bore you to death with a zillion and one photos of a dressing gown...
Font and Back Views, just excuse the slight breeze...
So all I need do now is have the butler (read hubby) whip up a yummy Aussie BBQ brunch while I lazy back on the deck lounge, sipping on some champagne and orange juice...

Sad, down-to-earth thought at the end of this dream is that today is a work day. Will have to put the Brunch-by-the-Pool off until the weekend.

Maybe the Prada trend of housecoats on the catwalk might jut take off...

For Spring Summer 2012 Miuccia Prada has excelled herself with a clever combination of lady like shapes, vintage influences and feminine yet unconventional colour combinations! Our absolute key shape of the season has to be the statement coat, which came in the form of the 1950′s style house coat, in floral prints, broderie anglaise, applique, lace and satin floral jacquards. A little bit Betty Draper meets Marilyn Monroe – in the Beverly Hills Hotel.

What do you think - housecoats to work fashion???


  1. As a Victorian - totally jealous of Queensland weather ( not the humid bit though ) and the thought of just lounging next to a pool. I like your new robe - I don`t really mind a married with kids look ( that bit would be true ) or a granny look ( not a granny yet = hopefully not for a decade anyway ) .

  2. I love the Dorothy Lamourness of your robe! I always like the look of a long drapery jacket over an outfit, so cosmopolitan!

  3. Wow.. the lounging by the pool weather at Christmas time seems fantastic.. It is raining and cold here today [like 40 degrees]..eeeh..
    Love your blog.