Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Marcy Tilton Skirt Vogue 8561

I am still on holidays and sewing strongly. Another skirt, must be something in the 'Spring-air' that is setting me off on a skirt tangent at the moment. But I am noticing a strange use of 'boring beige' of late in my sewing. Will have to watch the old colour palette closely.
Here is the cover version of Vogue 8561 by Marcy Tilton...
And here is my version...
(Not the best light for the photos, but this isn't a photo blog!!!)
Not bad, good fit and a slender line to the drape of the skirt.

As usual I tweaked the pattern a tad to suit me. The major change I made was to reduce the pocket size down by 75%. Easy enough to scan the pattern and reduce it. Originally the pocket made me feel/look very hippy and lopsided - the proportions just weren't there. But once I adjusted the pocket it did seem to look as if it belonged on my hip. And also with the pocket I sewed the button through all layers to secure the pocket down. Don't think it will ever be used as a pocket for storing anything. If you are inclined to omit the pocket altogether it would give a slimming elongated look to the front side piece - always a design feature to lookout for...

Since my fabric was a touch on the 'see-through' side I decided to save the public an unpleasant view of my silhouette and underline the skirt. After making up both the front and back sections (joining pieces as needed) I traced off one main front and back piece in a batiste fabric and basted this to the main sections. From here on I treated it all as one piece, attaching to the side and back seams as per the instructions.

As usual of late I used an invisible zipper as opposed to the stated lapped zipper. The smooth line of the back is enhanced by the invisible zipper and is also less bulky. Mind you, now that I can sew these little beasts in without any issues I am reluctant to return to the 'old' style zipper. My best investment has been my invisible zipper foot. Not a hybrid all-purpose multi-machine suitable foot (that was my first purchase that didn't work well), but the actual Janome recommended concealed zipper foot. Amazing the difference in quality.

For the topstitching I used two threads to give a bolder look, though if you can pick up the right coloured topstitching thread it would also work.

On completion of the skirt, but prior to hemming, I did hang the skirt for 48 hours to ensure all the drop that was going to happen did so. This also gave me time to cut out and start my next skirt...

Not much else for this skirt. Another easy one to accessorise to enhance the design. I found the ease and drape of the skirt from the hip area down made for a modern stylish skirt which was easy to move in. This is due to the slight excess of fabric in the front right-hand piece. So whilst the back has the flattering A-line look there is plenty of wearing/walking ease drafted into the front. Unusual in thinking, but brilliant in use!!!


  1. I have been wanting to make this skirt forever. Your version is great!! I love the stripes, I love the topstitching, I love that pocket. Maybe I'll get to it at last!

  2. You are just cute as can be in that skirt. I love the "artsyness" of Marcy Tilton. Nice sewing!

  3. Very very nice! I love this pattern, and your choice of fabric is lovely! Good job!

  4. That`s a really lovely skirt- very flattering . Looks like you will get lots of use out of this one.