Saturday, 6 August 2011

Simplicity 2497 Daytime Version

Here is my version of Simplicity 2497, but as a daytime version. It is much more relaxed.

Living in a humid climate there is often days when you just don't want the feel of a tight fitting dress. So I decided to redesign this dress in a much more relaxed manor. By eliminating the waistband the dress now falls gracefully and doesn't cling to every little bump on the body. Though in saying that, it does still have shape.

This isn't the most ideal photo of the dress as the wind was playing havic with the draping.
This photo shows a close up of the ruffle on the back of the neckline. I decided to line the ruffle to give it a little more body. Then there was the need to join these two fabrics together, so I used a rolled hem. The effect is quite good. Probably a lot better than just hemming the two fabrics together.
This view is another of the back, with a belt worn around the waistline. You can see that even with a belt the dress still has some room in it for ease.
View of the front ruffle. I did narrow the ruffle down slightly to avoid the clownish look that it can have. The comfort feature is that the ruffle tends to sit away from the neck area - much cooler for summer!
This last view shows how I attached the white lining to the inside of the dress. Still using the facings the lining then forms a part of the dress, hanging in one piece.
The lining is attached to the side seam via the zipper, and also attached at the back vent. Yes, a vent was included in this dress. They are just so easy to do, and gives a garment a little edge. I eliminated the side slits as sometimes these look a little tacky in those over 30 or so. Its all about the age.....
Overall a very comfortable dress that can be jazzed up with a belt and heels. What more could I want?????

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